3 reasons why offering an affordable children’s loungewear line is important to us

As a first time mum it’s important for me that my baby feels comfortable while looking stylish. But also when shopping it’s good to know your purchases will be worthwhile, right? So at Rioux & Binx we wanted to provide an accessible luxury option with a line of products that are cheap on price, but not in quality.

1. ALL children are precious and deserve a little bit of luxury, so we created our Luxe for Less line of a simplistic, versatile design at a price point which reflects that. No gimmicks, just a great value basic set, for everyone, all of the time.

2. Children go through many growths spurts in such a short space of time that we want to ensure you get your money’s worth (and more) before it’s time to hand down that cute little lounge set.

3. We offer Free UK P&P because no one likes filling up their online shopping cart with seemingly great priced items to get surprised by the shipping cost at the till! No hidden costs, so you have nothing to lose!

We wanted to offer a range that offers versatility, accessibility, basic yet beautiful, a touch of luxe but for less!