Add a touch of luxury to your babies bath & bedtime routine

When it comes to your little one (and in turn you!) getting a quality nights sleep, the bedtime routine is the holy grail. Creating the right environment can help your  little sleepy head to drift off to the land of nod like a dream so rather than get stuck in a rut of daily routine we've selected a few of our fave products from fellow independent brands for adding a little bit of luxury and making your routine extra special, after all your babe deserves it! 

Advice from a sleep guru

We got the low down from Jemma Munford Holistic Sleep Coach of Blissed Out Babies who helps families with young children to get better sleep (not only does she have the credentials but she knows what you are going through being part of the parent club herself with a 3 year old little boy and 1 year old little girl). "I am all about gentle and responsive strategies that are age and developmentally appropriate". So that's great news for those of us who cant bear the thought such methods as the 'cry it out' method. Here's Jemma's top  top five tips for parents when it comes to children sleeping through the night;
1) Don't expect too much too soon, studies say 85% of children will still wake in the night until 18 months, Your baby is not broken if they don't.
2) Make sure they are having enough and not too much day time sleep, and that naps are timed well
3) Have a really consistent and nurturing bedtime routine
4) Avoid screen time 2 hours before bedtime
5) Set an appropriate bedtime, many little ones who nap won't necessarily sleep 12 hours overnight so a 7pm bedtime can sometimes be unrealistic.

Bathe like a Pharaoh

Who can say they don't enjoy a pamper from time to time, so why should children be any different? Why not indulge them by taking luxury to a whole other level and let them revel in the nourishing richness of a milk bath?These wonderfully simple Milk Bath Bags by Goatally Soaps have a neutral smell and create a creamy bath that leaves the hands and body feeling super soft. You will struggle to find a milk bath with fewer ingredients that is so pleasurable to use. These Milk Bath Bags are made with raw goat milk combined with Grapeseed oil, Organic Coconut oil and Organic Olive oil for a gentle wash. Not only do they create an extra special bathing experience but the main benefit of goat milk is that it contains natural alpha hydroxy acids, in particular lactic acid which are used widely throughout the cosmetic industry - albeit synthetically. Alpha hydroxy acids help to remove dead skin cells from the surface of the skin by breaking down the bonds that hold these cells together. This is why goat milk soap is particularly recommended for those with skin conditions or sensitive skin, so perfect for kids (sorry, I couldn't resist that pun) and their delicate skin. Each box contains three bags to use, so yes you could even try one out yourself, along with a cute note telling you a little about the goat that produced the milk for your particular purchase. 


Posh Pyjamas

No extra special bedtime routine would be complete without a a pair or fresh, fancy PJ's and our Luxury Little's line are the ultimate in stylish yet comfortable nightwear. The enchanted woodland print is especially magical, you can spend your time spotting all the various forest friends (I am particularly fond of the tiny hedgehog) and creating bed time stories around their adventures. Want to be extra EXTRA?! Why not add the dried rose petals and lavender buds from your beautifully packaged Rioux & Binx PJ's to your little ones bath? 


Pillow Mist 

Finally to create the perfect sleepy atmosphere we are loving the Love Boo Sleep and Snuggle Pillow and Room Spray. This delightful, delicately scented spray is safety approved for babies and children, meaning you (along with baby) cant rest easily being assured by the 100% natural fragrance. This soothing scent is gentle on the senses, nothing overpowering just a light and lovely hint of lavender, chamomile and patchouli. Mmmmm, dreamy!