Rioux & Binx - whats in a name?

If you are a parent no doubt you will be familiar with the challenge of choosing the perfect name for your little bundle of joy, unless you are one of those people who has always had their chosen names firmly set in stone for as long as they can remember (if so I envy you, as my partner and I spent practically the entirety of my pregnancy mulling over this monumental decision!) so I was surprised to find that before I even had the idea to start a children's loungewear and sleepwear brand I already knew the name!

It was as if everything happened and fell into place around it. Allow me to explain, my little boy named Rioux (pronounced Roo) has a favourite teddy, his bunny Binx and I would always comment "Don't you think it would be the perfect name for a baby boutique or something?"

It was only when I was looking for stylish yet affordable clothing for my little one, that would fit properly yet not be grown out of within a month that I realised this was something I wanted to share with the world and the 'Rioux & Binx' clothing range was born. 

As a first time mum I am all too aware of how important it is for my baby to have clothing that is easy to move in, easy to care for and easy to get on and off (because lets face it they can have more outfit changes than a model during fashion week!) along with being easy on the bank balance too! This, teamed with the fact that children spend a vast majority of their childhood sleeping (and we all know how important and sacred nap times are) was the inspiration behind providing beautiful, unisex breathable, cotton garments (no synthetics causing sweaty heads here thanks) that fit like a dream and are fashionable yet functional to take your little one from play date to the land of nod effortlessly... well at least as far as their clothing is concerned anyway.