who we are 

Hi, I'm Natasha, Mummy to Rioux, who is best friends with Binx the bunny and we, (along with the occasional post office run by daddy) are the family behind the brand.

Mission Statement 

To create pyjamas as joyful to look at as they are to wear, for little ones (and their grown ups) to live boldly and dream freely.

dare to dream

As a child I loved magic! I loved its power to spread joy and leave people knowing they had witnessed something extraordinary, something truly special. I always dreamt of performing on stage, leaving everyone with that feeling of awe, then this happened...

(its fair to say no one was more amazed than I, to this day I don't know how the trick was done, true magic!) ... from that moment on I've always been one to chase my dreams, be it traveling to explore the far flung corners of the world...

or becoming a cheerleading champion ... 

or fulfilling my childhood dream to be a professional dancer... 

So when I dreamt of creating a fun collection of children's timeless pyjamas, there really was only one option. 

make magic

We are dedicated to producing a line of FUNctional sleepwear that reflects our zest for life, for making magic and mischief, for finding the joy in each day (and night) blurring the lines between the two and echoing our appreciation for the amazing world that we love to explore, inclusive of those who share it alongside us.

The foundation piece of the collection is a beautiful ribbed basic in our signature shade of sage. This has been followed up by a timeless button front style shorts & shirt set with playful print and a classic full length pyjama set featuring our bespoke stripe inspired by sherbet and candy colours.

pjs with purpose

As a mum I want to make the world a better place for future generations which is why we produce small quantities in each of our lines to ensure sustainability and guarantee exclusivity. We have a strong focus on honest pricing and use premium quality, natural materials for a superior nights sleep.

As a cheerleader I've always been passionate about lifting people up (both figuratively and quite literally) therefore helping and empowering others, having a positive impact and making people feel good is at the heart of what we do. Throughout the year we donate a proportion of our sales towards charitable causes, chosen with the help of our social media followers. 

everyday luxury 

Restorative sleep is essential for the health and well-being of everybody, so let us elevate sleep from basic necessity, to the ultimate everyday luxury you and your littlest loves can truly revel in... 

Sleep deeply and sweetly, 

Natasha, Rioux & Binx.

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